Weekend Recap 37

My gal pals were in town this weekend, and the best Instagram hubs in the world happily snapped our pictures (thanks Dill, you’re the real MVP). So D and I were kept pretty busy this weekend with some much needed catching up and the usual to-do’s:


  1. Tribe-Eternally grateful to have found these beautifully inspiring women in college. It’s crazy where we are at in our lives now, but some things never change. They remind me just how important it is to find people that push you, catch you when you fall, and love you so much.
  2. Hobes– My fashion forward friend Kait introduced me to this footwear company, and excuse me but I need it all. Timeless, comfortable, and adorable.
  3. Imperfect Produce– Over brunch we chatted about Imperfect. They send you imperfect, er ‘ugly’ fruits and vegetables that don’t quite make the cut for the grocery stores (they may be too short, doubled, too long, curvy, etc.). Perfectly edible and delivered right to your door. Not only does this make crazy financial sense, but it is a great way to tackle food waste issues. Checking this one out for sure.
  4. Neutrals- I cannot get enough. I am purging my closet for things I haven’t worn in months, and I am left with my favorite neutrals. For the longest time I thought it was too boring and kept buying loud colors that never saw the light of day. But I’m leaning into it because life’s way too short to worry about what anyone else thinks about what the heck you’re wearing. (Oh, and there’s still time to enter the watch giveaway that’s perfect for anyone’s style + makes a great gift option!)
  5. Dried mango- Can thank Dillon for this one. It is one of my healthiest snack to date, so good on ya Dill. For my fellow picky eaters, dried mango is SO good (maybe it’s already cool, and I am just late to the party- no surprise there). It tastes like candy, and I think there will now forever be a bag on my desk at school.

Daylight savings kicked my butt this weekend. So here’s to early nights for some extra z’s this week!



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