Tips For a More Relaxing Weekend

We are so on the go we can barely keep it together on the weekends. Usually we’re tackling all those life to-do’s (oil changes, home improvement projects, you get it). Dillon is the most productive person you’ll meet, so you know our Saturdays/Sundays are packed pretty full. We actually need to intentionally set time aside to relax on the weekends, otherwise we just about drive ourselves bonkers. So, here are some tips to set yourself up for success for a weekend of relaxation.

  • No alarm clocks- Ah now if only I could really do this. Don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go cold turkey, but I make it a point to set a later alarm. 7am sure beats 5am, and those two extra hours of sleep make a world of a difference.
  • Grocery shop on Friday- Sundays are sacred to me. The only thing I like to have on my docket that day is mass, breakfast, and Sunday dinner. So major pro tip (that I need to follow more often), grocery shop for the following week on Friday nights. Your brain will already be in the work week mode, and you will save yourself a chunk of time on Sunday.
  • Unplug- The irony of me writing this, and ya’ll reading this -> likely on a computer or phone, ha! But really, take a little time to unplug on the weekends. Maybe it’s just one day of no posting or engaging, and just being present. We could all use a bit more of it.
  • Comfort foods- Whether it’s treating yourself to tacos (yes) or throwing in a frozen pizza (also, yes), treat yourself on the weekends. I lean into the seasons with our weekend meals and look forward to it. Winter is usually something warm and hearty like a chicken pot pie or soup. Summers are steaks grilled on the back patio. So enjoy making meals and sharing them with friends.
  • Self-care- Hello, buzzword for 2018. I’m thinking of doing a full post on this but for now, I’ll just leave it at ‘do what’s right for you.’ If caring for yourself means an hour in the gym, go for it. If it means forty-five minutes of uninterrupted reading, do that. Whatever makes your heart happy and relaxed, make time for it on the weekends. Especially, if you don’t get enough time for it during the week.

Happy relaxing!


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Relaxing Weekend

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