Weekend Recap 36

We swung into Chicago for a hot second this weekend. Felt so fast though. As soon as I got in the city, I was getting ready to head back to Wisconsin. But busy days are always good. Here’s our weekend:

  1. Calligraphy- So much of my time spent on Pinterest is browsing calligraphy and fonts. I’ve been practicing a bit with some of the books my sister and friends have given me. I have a ways to go, but love how relaxing it is.
  2. Chicago- While here, we had just enough time to stop at a couple new places.  DryHop (super crowded, but their burgers and beer are incredible- worth the wait) and Beatrix (delicious brunch- their kale salad was unreal –> for anyone who knows my eating habits, you get what a big deal this is…)
  3. Wooden watches- I’d been searching for a while for a great neutral, wooden watch that could last me all year.  So excited that I found one…and am giving away a chance to get one of your own!  Check it out.
  4. Podcasts- Friends, I am in need of all of your favorite podcasts. I recently found a couple of new ones, but am always wanting to add. So send over your favorites!
  5. Road trip- Dill and I have been thinking about a summer road trip.  We’ll likely head out west, but it has me wanting to do a local one, too. I really want to drive and camp our way around all of Lake Michigan. Just wanting to enjoy all the midwest has to offer.

Happy March, my friends.  Final few weeks before spring break, then the last part of the year really cruises!



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