DIY Minimal Bookmarks

If I am being completely honest, I’ve been in a bit of reading drought. I read a lot at school in my classroom, but haven’t had the motivation to pick up a book at home in a bit. I know these seasons come and go, but just need to find my way back to it.

I think what I need is some inspiration to get me back. I thought that I’d be more likely to grab a book at night if I put these cute bookmarks to use. I’ve tried this strategy for working out for years.  If I buy nice new workout clothes, I’ll definitely be in the gym more…jury’s still out on that one.

Willing to give it a shot with these super easy, minimal bookmarks though.  This will take you maybe 10 minutes, and make a great gift idea especially for the book lovers in your life.

IMG_5154I used cream colored cardstock.  The heavier the paper, the longer it will last.  I considered laminating them, but really loved the raw edges and the feel of the paper. I am totally okay with the fact that these may not last forever, so I kept it pretty simple.IMG_5156I used this paper cutter to size out my bookmarks, and then decided to make four from the one sheet of cardstock I had.  They were about an inch and a half by six inches or so.IMG_5160IMG_5161These doodles are frequent fliers in my bullet journal, so I knew I wanted them for the bookmarks. Pinterest is the best and had some great ideas for minimal designs, too (easy enough for a non-artist like me).  And I used a simple black pen to draw everything out.IMG_5166IMG_5170

I loved how these turned out- so simple and minimal, and cheap as heck.  Now, to go grab a great book.



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DIY bookmarks


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  1. […] DIY Bookmarks– I made some DIY bookmarks last weekend in the hopes of being inspired to read more at home. And what do ya know, I’ve actually picked up a book again. Not reading as much as I’d like, but it’s a start. Hoping to get even more into it the next couple weeks. […]

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