Meaningful Hearts

My big goal for 2018 is to live meaningfully with intention to make the world a better place.  So with Valentine’s just days away, here’s a few ways to love with meaningful hearts:

  • Gift Experiences- Gift giving/ receiving is some people’s love language. It’s really not about the value or worth of a gift, but truly the thought. So instead of gifting someone tangible things, give them experiences. Cook them dinner. Take them to a new spot in town. Treat them to a new book with an invitation to a book club. Or give them the gift of learning through a class offered at a rec center or library.  
  • Donate- Some really thoughtful gifts are donations in people’s honor. There are countless charities that may be perfect fits to reflect the people you love. The beauty is that every little bit goes such a long way.
  • Keep it simple- (These are some of my favorites!) Actually write valentines to people you love and send them in the mail. Let friends and family know that you’re just thinking of them. Or call them on the phone and chat just for a bit about their day. And simplest of all, pray for them and their health and happiness.

Valentine’s Day, while a great reason to indulge in chocolate (which you KNOW I will), is another day to remember all the love that surrounds us.



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