Weekend Recap 32

I went into this weekend just on the fence of being sick and managed to keep it off for the most part.  So we took some time to take care of ourselves and enjoy the snow days we had together.

  1. Super Bowl- I may not have been really rooting for either team, but that didn’t stop me from going all in. By the end, I was thrilled for the Eagles.  And JT was jammin, so what a plus.  We made pork tenderloin and stayed up past our bedtime to finish the game.
  2. Albion Fit- This place is the best,  I live in those floral leggings.  They design darling swimsuits and athletic/ athleisure wear.  We stopped at the shop in Utah, and I wanted everything inside.
  3. Sorry!-  What’s a little blast from the past on the weekend?  I snagged our own set to play together since we hadn’t in forever. Dill and I used to play this all through high school (We’d really flirt our way through games while we got to know each other).  Ah, throwback.
  4. Snowy Madison-  We got so much snow this weekend! We fooled ourselves into believing we were “snowed” in and watched The Office, ate way too many snacks, and allowed for some sleeping in.  I know we’ve got weeks and weeks left of winter, but does it get any more beautiful than big falling flakes on cold night?
  5. Winter Florals-  Beyond Christmas, I like to get away from cedar and pine greenery.  I’m back to my ace now, eucalyptus.  It’s perfect on its own or with a bundle of whatever you can find. Trader Joe’s is my favorite place for florals and greens…and those delicious dark chocolate peanut butter cups!
  6. Olympics-  I am SO excited for the Olympics to start.  Total sucker for opening ceremonies, always get chills when the US comes out.  I am thinking we need to have a little Olympic get together to watch those winter sports with friends.

More snow is on the docket this week here in Madison.  Maybe I’ll get lucky with a snow day, fingers crossed!



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