Weekend Recap 31

IMG_5026IMG_5043IMG_5025This weekend was a good one in the windy city.  With Dill’s work schedule, we ended up spending our weekend in Chicago. These weekends are always some of my favorite.  Here’s a little look:

  1. Chocolate Shakes- Never underestimate the power of a good shake. Ever since I was little, chocolate shakes were our bad day cure. So after a long week, it was just what the doctor ordered.
  2. Game 7- I was able to spend some time with my parents and sister Friday night once I made it in, which is always the best. And I know we’re crazy, but my sister and I rewatched game 7 from the 2016 world series over the weekend. I’ve seen recaps oh just about fifty times, but haven’t watched the whole game again. Those Cubbies, get me every time.
  3. Do-Rite Donuts- When I am in the city with Dill, I am a lucky gal. Having grown up in the suburbs, I still feel like tourist in Chicago sometimes. But, D’s there often for work so he knows the best spots. We went to Do-Rite Donuts Saturday morning, and it was great. Pretty crowded, but you know that’s a good sign!
  4. City Walks- This weekend blessed us with some unreal January warmth. So, D and I headed out to the lakefront path for some walking and droning, naturally. Felt so good to be out and about and not freezing our faces off. Ahh spring…soon enough.
  5. Sawada Coffee-  A couple of years ago, before we even appreciated how cool it was, Dill and I went to Sawada, attached to Green Street Smoked Meats. This weekend we made a return trip to indulge in all the coffee goodness.
  6. Soho House- I know all the cool kids have already been going here for ages, but we had to check it out for ourselves. Let’s just say I am ready to give them all my money, become a member, and move in. I’m in love with the interior style, and the food was incredible. They have some bar/ restaurant options open to the public, so we enjoyed brunch at The Allis. Even though we are non-member peasants, we still felt pretty rad stopping in.

Hmm, looking back on this weekend, it may not have been the healthiest (doughnuts, brunch, coffee treats, and chocolate shakes). But, it sure was fun. So, we can just be healthy next weekend……



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