Weekend Recap 30

It’s that point in the school year (the chunk of time between winter break and spring break) when the days just seem to move a tad slower.  The snow falls a little harder.  And the weekends seem a bit further off.  So, we planned some fun for this one to be spent with family and friends!

  1. Welsh Mtn Co.– Dillon gifted me the bag pictured above from this incredible little Pennsylvania company, and it is my favorite. It is the perfect size (holds all my purse fixins’ and fresh eucalyptus). Handcrafted quality with great design. Check them out.
  2. Movie- We make for cheap dates. Give us a funny movie and a pair of pajamas, we’re good to go. We randomly were quoting Rat Race last week- hadn’t seen it in years- and figured that there was no time like the present to watch it. We didn’t quite finish in one night (we are like old folks on Fridays), but still loved it. Go give it a watch, especially if you haven’t in a while!
  3. Brew Tour- Some of our closest friends live in Dubuque, and we decided this weekend would be a good one to pop in and hang out. They know the best spots in town. We ended up hanging out at three different breweries (Jubeck, 7 Hills, and Backpocket), catching up, and chatting life. We’re lucky to have friends like them.
  4. Brunch Love- Family is the best, and we were able to hang out with Dillon’s entire family (yay, for all the siblings together again!) and my brother-in-law’s wife’s family on Sunday to celebrate some birthdays.  We started at El Dorado for brunch – so good- before a day of birthday fun.
  5. Escape Room- After brunch we all went to an escape room.  It was my first time, and I really didn’t know what to expect.  It was a blast! Kind of amazed me how there was no way we would have made it without everyone helping each other (hello, metaphor for life), or the three clues we asked for- ha!  But really, a great activity, especially on cold winter days.
  6. Merchant- No birthday party is complete without celebratory cocktails.  We headed to Merchant to wrap up the day and toast another great weekend.

Cheers, friends!


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