Weekend Recap 29

Dillon came back from from a work trip just in time for a cold Madison weekend.  We’ve been staying put for a while lately and loving it.  There is just something about being in your own home in the dead of winter enjoying the short days and long nights.  Here’s what we were up to:

  1. Game playing and ice skating- I can’t remember the last time I actually played a full game of Monopoly, but we hung out with our good friends on Friday and, what do you know, we finished an entire game.  It was a later night than we expected, but there was no breaking D’s competitive spirit and will to persist. We didn’t walk out winners that night, next one!  On Sunday, Dill whipped out his skates and we explored the frozen lake behind our back patio.  Now I know my next thrift store objective- ice skates, because it was a blast.
  2. Avenue 81 Photography- Over the summer Dill and I helped out some photographers at a workshop by modeling (HA, we tried) for their attendees.  One of the people actually compiled a gallery for us on her own time, and we loved them!  Made us look and feel like a million bucks, so thanks a ton Avenue 81.
  3. The Greatest Showman– Can’t stop listening to this soundtrack.  “From Now On” is my go-to belt-till-you-can’t-breath song.  I know people have loved the movie, so I am planning to drag Dill along one of these weekends.
  4. Sow & Dew/ Blessed Is She- Stopping to rave about two of my favorite little pieces for faith content and focus: The Bud Co.’s edition of Sew & Dew which is full of lifestyle articles and workbook pages and just general awesomeness to inspire women of God.  And of course, Blessed Is She, which is a community of Catholic women that build each other up through prayer and ministry.  If you’re feeling called or even intrigued, take a peek- you’ll likely find something that moves your heart.
  5. Snow day dreaming- Even though I am into my teaching career, I still so feel the excitement of a potential snow day.  On a very practical level, I don’t like snow days because they throw off my lesson plans, but my goodness that won’t stop me from waking up extra early to follow the news closely for a school closing.  We haven’t had one this year yet, but the Wisconsin winter is just getting started!

We welcomed a beautiful snowfall this week.  Although it makes for dreadful traffic, you can’t beat snowflakes swirling in streetlamp light and a landscape covered in snow by morning. Cheers.


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