Devil’s Lake Session

A major shout out to Avenue 81 Photography for these incredible portraits.  If you are in or around Milwaukee and need a great photographer, check her out.  Her work is fantastic.DillKell072717-56DillKell072717-54DillKell072717-53DillKell072717-50DillKell072717-48DillKell072717-41DillKell072717-40DillKell072717-34DillKell072717-33DillKell072717-31DillKell072717-29DillKell072717-19DillKell072717-15DillKell072717-10

In July, Dillon and I ended up helping out some photographers at a workshop.  They were in need of a couple to model for their attendees.  With Devil’s Lake being so close, we were totally up for the adventure.  We met a ton of talented photographers who made us so comfortable in front of the camera. Tif from Avenue 81 was able to catch these, and we loved them too much not to share.

I really enjoyed it.  Working with a number of people on something creative was great, even if we weren’t quite attending the workshop ourselves.  I have been thinking about dreaming up something fun with other creatives to share some beauty and inspiration.

So stay tuned, we’ve got some things cookin.



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  1. […] Avenue 81 Photography- Over the summer Dill and I helped out some photographers at a workshop by modeling (HA, we tried) for their attendees.  One of the people actually compiled a gallery for us on her own time, and we loved them!  Made us look and feel like a million bucks, so thanks a ton Avenue 81. […]

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