Weekend Recap 28

After a less than desirable start to the weekend on Friday morning (rear-ended in rush our traffic), I was determined to turn it around.  We don’t need anything fancy, just our favorite weekend activities:

  1. Engagement Photos- I was so excited to help Dill shoot some engagement photos for our sister-in-law’s sister.  We walked around the capital and got some insanely beautiful photos.  Cannot wait to share ’em!  If you or anyone you know is looking for a photographer for a family or lifestyle session, engagement, or wedding, hit us up!  We’d love to capture it.
  2. Brunch-  It had been just too long since we’ve grabbed a Saturday brunch on the square.  And what do ya know, we end up at Bel Air.  We both realized that it’s been like seven years since we’ve started eating there (first one was way back when in Milwaukee). Naturally, we had to celebrate the taco-anniversary appropriately.
  3. De-Christmas-  I love the holiday season, but I was ready to take Christmas down.  So amazed that our tree lasted this long. It was a good first little tree, but we need the space back in our itty bitty apartment. Time to get back to our normal, simple living.  Earth tones and neutrals, welcome back.  I’ve missed ya.
  4. Sous-vide- This Christmas, my parents gifted Dillon a sous-vide. We fired it up for the first time for our Sunday dinner. I am a changed person. Unreal how good it was. A must-try. I honestly hadn’t even heard of it before, but it was really simple to use and made the cooking so precise.
  5. Wedding Photo Book-  Ahh, well we figured a year later would be a good time to print our wedding photos in a book. This actually worked in our favor because the traditional first year’s gift is meant to be paper, score! After looking around quite a bit, we landed on Artifact Uprising. Great quality for a really comparable price.  I am thinking of doing an entire post on what we used and why we went that route, but we love how it turned out!

That’s all I’ve got for ya this week.  May this warm Wisconsin weather hang in just a bit longer; what a treat!


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