Weekend Recap 27 – Welcoming 2018

This weekend was a big one!  Along with a few other things, we celebrated our first anniversary and welcomed 2018.

  1. A year of marriage-  This year went by so beautifully fast.  It was easily the best year of my life simply because it was spent married to my best friend.  I posted some thoughts and reflections here.  We celebrated together at home by watching our wedding video, looking through all of the pictures, going out to dinner, eating our year old cake, and drinking some bubbly from our champagne flutes.  I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it any other way.
  2. 2018- The past year was great, but I have a good feeling about 2018.  I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to this next year to be abundantly blessed and some ways for me to make that happen. Be purposeful and intentional, live meaningfully, help others, read more, complain less, create with sincerity, make more connections, learn to let go, be less fearful of failure, maintain confidence, journal often, cultivate healthier life choices, reflect, and most importantly lean more deeply in to God.
  3. Coming home-  Waking up for a few days to the mountains of Utah surrounding us was such a treat.  We stayed busy with hikes and skiing and plenty of coffee shops.  It was amazing, but darn Dorothy is always right, there really is no place like home.  Made it in time to catch some of that nasty polar vortex, too…
  4. Cold days-  This is an understatement! Winter’s made it’s arrival. It has been absolutely frigid here, which surprisingly hasn’t slowed us down.  We still made it out for mass and coffee and dinner.  But it sure makes cuddling up, sleeping in, and making homemade soup just that much sweeter.
  5. Bidding break farewell-  I have loved every minute of my little break from school and Dill’s break from work.  Getting those extra days to explore together is something we don’t take for granted.  With our busy schedules and work lives, we try to cram in as much livin’ as possible on our days off.  I can thank Dillon’s productive and creative side for that!

So here’s to getting back in the groove, staying warm, and kicking off 2018.



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