One Year Married

December 31, 2016. Every single detail is forever in my heart. The early morning silence when I woke up that day, the deep breaths I took before the church doors opened, the smell of the flowers, the way the clouds hung perfectly, the Guinness at the pub, the hundreds of candles, the faces of all the people we love and every single moment in between. But more than anything, I remember the palpable joy of my new life with Dillon.

That joy was everywhere. In the look he gave me as our eyes met for the first time that day, in our happy tears, in holding his hand, in sharing communion together, and in every smile, and boy were there a lot of smiles. It was like nothing I had ever known before. A fulfilling happiness like that was beyond what I imagined.

So naturally you wonder, does it last? Does that tangible bliss linger on, say a year later? Without reservation, I whole heartedly answer yes. While we don’t get that same day anymore with the people and the party, we do however have that joy. Looking back on a year of marriage, I now keep in my heart the moments that fill our everyday life. The moments that add up to perfect happiness. Things like making major life decisions together, overcoming heartbreak, dreaming big, failing gracefully, facing fears, and loving so deeply that nothing else in the world matters.

I woke up the day after our wedding the happiest I had ever been. I still feel that way. I still wake up amazed that God blessed me with the honor of being Dillon’s wife. I often prayed before our wedding that, “To love another person, is to see the face of God.” Now, we live that fully.  And it has never been truer.

To my Dill, I love you more than I could ever put into words. You’ve made me and continue to make me the happiest person in the world. To the moon and back, forever and always, so meant to be.




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