Weekend Recap 22

Dillon had to work, so my heart was missing a piece for much of the weekend.  It may not have been normal, but still enjoyed the break from the busy work week.

  1. Family- My parents came up Saturday afternoon for a little getaway and visit.  I love spending time with family, and it’s especially fun when they make the drive up to us. So, we walked around Madison, did some shopping, watched the Badgers, and enjoyed the great weather.
  2. White Christmas– Have not seen this movie in forever, but I am such a sucker for oldies.  Can you beat Bing Crosby at Christmas time?
  3. Vom Fass- We’ve walked by this little shop so many times, but finally, I stopped in with my parents.  They have an incredible selection of hand crafted vinegars, oils, wines, and spirits.  We tasted a few options and bought a couple to take home. They are a chain, so even if you aren’t near Madison you might be able to find one near you.  Perfect Christmas gift idea.
  4. The Soap Opera– Speaking of Christmas gifts, The Soap Opera in Madison is a great way to support local business and gift someone some sweet smelling lotions and potions.  Their selection is great because you have so many options from soaps to perfumes to essential oils.  Check them out, even if you’re just popping in for free smells!
  5. Orange Garland- Everyone and their mothers are making dried orange garlands for Christmas.  So I’m hopping in too and giving it a whirl.  For two reasons I’d recommend this: 1. It is so easy and 2. It makes your kitchen smell amazing.  Posting my how-to on this later in the week.
  6. Merry and Bright- Christmas trees and holiday decor make coming home after work so much easier.  Nothing better than walking in the door after a long day to that.  We cut our own tree and decorated last week, check it out here.

Well Christmas is coming fast, so I am reminding myself to take it slow.  Enjoy the holiday music on my drive to work, light cinnamon candles, and bake all the cookies in the world.


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