Weekend Recap 20

With a busy week in Illinois coming up, we looked forward to a quiet couple days at home here in Madison.  The holidays are here, and my heart couldn’t be fuller.

  1. Madison Night Market– We’ve been to a handful of summer night markets, but they snuck one more in to kick off the holidays.  Vendors, snacks, hot chocolate, entertainment and Christmas music filled State Street for this lovely Madison night.
  2. To Di For- I couldn’t help myself as we passed this adorable cupcake booth.  These were unreal.  They were delicious, and tasted homemade.  Trying to come up with a reason to buy a dozen or two…
  3. Comfort Food-  I’ve been waiting for the temps to dip just low enough to make chicken pot pie.  It is one of those meals that are meant for blustery days.  On our way out of mass, we decided it’d be the perfect dinner.  Dillon is the best and made the entire thing from scratch- so good.
  4. Holiday Thrifting-  I find myself transitioning between different color schemes and styles each year, so it doesn’t make sense to spend a fortune.  Thrifting saves money and just takes a little patience and a lot of creativity.
  5. Sunday Dinners- My heart is happiest at Sunday dinners.  Best way to kick the Sunday scaries.  It’s easily one of mine and Dillon’s favorite weekend traditions.
  6. Vinyls-With a brand new record player up in action, our hunt for vinyls begins. We snagged a couple of holiday records at the thrift store and plan to raid our parents’ collections while we’re back in town.

Here’s to a week spent with family and friends, remembering all that we have to be thankful for. Have a happy Thanksgiving, my friends!


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