Weekend Recap 19 – Dill’s Quarter Century


The guy with the biggest heart and cutest smile around turned twenty-five on Monday. He is the best.  We spent some time back in Illinois to celebrate before closing out our weekend on a cold, gloomy night at home.

  1. Happy Birthday D-  We headed back to Chicago to shoot engagement photos for a couple on Saturday, but made sure to spend some time celebrating Dill with both of our families.  Twenty-five is a big one, and it was fun making D feel special all weekend long.
  2. Trampoline Park-  Doesn’t everyone celebrate their 25th birthday at the trampoline park?!  This is so Dillon, and I love it.  So, we spent the evening jumping and back flipping.
  3. El Gallo-  Weekend tacos at our favorite back-home spot.  This is our go to for authentic tacos.
  4. Turntable-  I gifted Dillon a turntable for his birthday, and we jammed to Lana all night.  We might be noobs when it comes to it, but we cannot wait to thrift for some holiday records!
  5. Instant Camera- Snagged an instant camera recently, and we are planning a little project of capturing little moments in time that we would otherwise look over.  Our guestbook was composed of little instant camera photos of all of our guests, but we didn’t actually own one ourselves.  So, just another camera to add to our growing collection 🙂
  6. Engagement Photos-  We’ve been booking some shoots for couples lately, and we love it.  The slow pace and intimate moments of engagement shoots have been our jam lately. We will post this weekend’s soon, but for now here is a little mini session with my sister.
  7. Film- Dill made an Instagram to document his adventures in film! D is full of talents and hobbies and goodness gracious he is good. Check it out.

Just a week and some change before Thanksgiving!  Keep crushing it, friends.


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