Justin & Catherine- Mini Desert Session

We love these two to pieces.  They are some of the most thoughtful and hardworking individuals you will ever meet.  They take such pride in their careers, friendships, and family.  Thank you both for hosting us on our trip out to visit you! (Sorry, but you can’t bring us to town and not let us snap some pictures of ya while we’re at it!)IMG_3313IMG_3278IMG_3322IMG_3266IMG_3264IMG_3256IMG_3253IMG_3241(^^Your reaction when you are marrying your best friend in just about a year.)IMG_3237IMG_3231IMG_3224IMG_3219IMG_3202IMG_3214

One response to “Justin & Catherine- Mini Desert Session”

  1. […] have been our jam lately. We will post this weekend’s soon, but for now here is a little mini session with my […]

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