Weekend Recap 18

We gladly welcomed that extra hour of sleep this weekend, and it was lovely.  I love the little bit of earlier sun we get in the mornings.  We relaxed this weekend and enjoyed all the comforts of a quiet weekend at home.

  1. Hearth and Hand–  It took all my strength to not purchase nearly every single item in this collection.  The heavens opened up and graced us with Chip and Jo’s own home line at Target.  We grabbed some adorable bread plates, pictured above.  But some other items I am going to sneak back for are the tea towels, Christmas decor, candles, and the matte black silverware sets.
  2. Turtles All the Way Down–  Currently just a handful of pages into John Green’s new novel. I totally dig YA lit. I read and wept throughout The Fault in Our Stars and was excited to find out he had written yet another book.
  3. iPhone 8 Plus-  I have been and may likely remain an Android gal, but Dill is Apple all the way.  This weekend he picked up the 8 plus.  That screen is big and beautiful and the camera features are incredible.
  4. Friends-  One of my best college friends moved to Madison recently, and another one of our best gals was in town.  So, we were able to spend some time together and catch up on each other’s lives.  We were just missing our other gypsy soul of a friend off on an adventure on the east coast.
  5. Chili- Tis the season for warm bowls of chili on gloomy rainy days. Tipsy Cow had it as one of their specials.  It was a fantastic November lunch date with family.
  6. Gratitude- Dill and I were talking about how so many people are ready for Christmas.  Yes, we can’t deny our eagerness for the holiday spirit, but we also think it is important to pause in this time, too. To be grateful, offer thanks, and bear witness to all that we have.  I’m thinking of ways to manifest this gratitude this year in a wholesome way, so stay tuned.

That’s all for now folks.  The days are getting shorter, cuddles are getting longer, and my longing for sincere Hygge is growing deeper.


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