Weekend Recap 17


Just as the cold weather moved into Wisconsin, we hopped a plane to sunny Arizona!  We visited my sister Catherine and her future hubby, Justin.  We hadn’t seen them both in so long.  It was a great little weekend getaway!

  1. Arizona- Catherine moved officially in July to start her job, and Justin had been there some months before that for his work.  So, they are starting to get settled, but my goodness it has been way too long since we’ve seen them.  Those two took us to their favorite restaurants, the shooting range, and even on a Sunday morning hike.  It was the best weekend trip.  Can’t wait to go back!
  2. Stranger Things 2-  The second season came out and lordy, IT IS GOOD.  So well done. Thankfully, I had it to watch on my flights…
  3. Flight Fears- I’ve written about this before, but somewhere in my twenties I developed a real hatred, fear really, of flying. It’s really only the takeoff, but boy that’s a doozy.  My anxiety peaks and I’ll be honest, there are sometimes tears (On the way home, we had mechanical issues, almost deplaned, then STILL took that plane to Chicago…hello ultimate anxiety). I am still working on some coping strategies, but for now I am leaning into the fact that I can’t let fear control my everything, because the trip was worth it.  So that is where I need to put my focus.
  4. Travel Planning- I have to laugh, because in the same breath that I state my fear of flying, I also excitedly plan our winter trip.  We want to spend our first Christmas together and take advantage of some time off work- so off we go on another adventure. #faceyourfears
  5. Video Making- Dill is wrapping up editing the footage from Sept/Oct, and I am loving this method of visual story telling.

Happy November!  Honestly, I am ready for it.  This month was a slow one, so I am ready for the happy holidays.


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