Weekend Recap 16

IMG_9938-2IMG_9983IMG_9978IMG_9976IMG_9972IMG_9964IMG_9955Full disclosure: we planned on camping this weekend.  Last minute, we checked the weather and decided to bag it.  All summer, each and every camping trip ended with a thunderstorm, and we decided to give ourselves a break from the muddy morning campsite.  We opted for coffee shops and afternoon hikes instead. Here’s our weekend:

  1. Hiking-  Found ourselves again at Devil’s Lake State Park.  Still will always be one of our favorites.  We hiked a different trail this time though and loved it because it led us through the trees and then well above the tree line.  The fall colors were beautiful.
  2. Demi Lovato-  Totally hopped on the bandwagon and watched the Demi Lovato documentary “Simply Complicated” on Youtube.  It’s free and is actually quite good.
  3. InstaPot- Everyone needs one.  It’s a pressure cooker that speeds up cooking time. Shredded chicken tacos from prep to plate in all of like thirty minutes.
  4. Project Linus–  We are working on a bunch of service projects at school, and one I am leading is blanket making for Project Linus.  They provide these blankets to children in need.  It is a great organization and an easy project to be a part of.
  5. Pumpkin Carving-  Some years I really want to handpick pumpkins from a patch, and other years I’m content to pick one up at the grocery store.  We went with the latter this year and carved it together before Sunday dinner.
  6. Baking-  It was rainy and gloomy on Sunday, so after mass I made some delicious peanut butter cookies (recipe here).  I love baking on Sundays.  It is my version of meal prep for the week 🙂

Happy work week!


2 responses to “Weekend Recap 16”

  1. Those pictures are so gorgeous! xxx

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