Weekend Recap 15


My heart is so full after this weekend.  It was filled with all things we absolutely love. Check it out:

  1. Records- When we get in to my parents’ house on weekend nights you can expect two things: good bevies and great music.  My dad was cranking Simon & Garfunkel and Neil Diamond vinyls in the basement; it made me want all the records.
  2. Cake Doughnuts-  These are some of my favorite Sunday treats.  Bakery made, fresh, hearty, old-fashioned cake doughnuts. Oh, yum.  Not a better combo than coffee and cake doughnuts.
  3. Cubbies- Bless those Cubs.  Still in it, and you bet we are rooting ’em on each and every game.  How sweet would back to back championships be?!
  4. Pumpkin- I am all in pumpkin everything.  Lattes, bread, cookies, and those itty bitty punkins’ I have all over the apartment. Oh October, I’ve missed ya.
  5. Weddings- We shot another incredible wedding this weekend. (Post coming soon!).  It’s a crazy experience. I am a hopeless romantic who lives for weddings, and in a way, photographing makes you experience the magic in a totally different way.  But, my favorite part is that we get to relive and witness their love for hours and hours in the post process. While the guests will move on and leave that wedding in their past, it is still very much part of our present.  I am grateful for that- happy tears and heart flutters all the time.
  6. Closet Turnover-  Made the switch to all my fall clothes just in time for…seventy degree days.  Good grief Wisconsin, let’s get it together!  I couldn’t wait anymore to break out my sweaters and booties, so the closet switch just had to happen.

All good things my friends.  We are busy and spending our time with purpose and intention, and it feels so good. Happy happy days to you!


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