Weekend Recap 14

All weekends happen too fast, but this one especially came and went!  It literally flew by, and I was up for Monday morning before I knew it.  Here’s what we were up to:

  1. Holy Name Cathedral- Dillon shot a rehearsal dinner here on Friday night.  Made me miss those big, grand cathedrals in Chicago.  This one is absolutely one of my favorites in the city.  Need to make it back for a mass sometime soon!
  2. Big Magic– I am reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. It is SO good.  I know this is on many people’s must read lists and for good reason.  The book outlines and guides you through living creatively- in whatever you are doing.  Keep a pencil and paper close though because your ideas will be flowing and you’ll want to jot those down.
  3. Dubuque- Dillon’s college homecoming was this weekend in Dubuque.  We spent the day with some of our closest friends, and were able to catch up with some we don’t see as often.  It was a lovely October weekend and reminded me what I love about Dubuque- river views and slow living.
  4. 7 Hills–  We ate dinner at the new brew pub, 7 Hills, in the Millwork District.  Our friends know the owners, and we just couldn’t wait to get here.  It was packed!  The beer and food were fantastic.  Highly recommend for anyone heading up to Dubs.
  5. Soccer Sundays-  Our weekend was closed with Dill’s soccer game.  When we pull up, we just love seeing all the families there for afternoon games.  It is definitely one of my favorite things to do: watch D play soccer.  Have been doing it since we were 15, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Even though I am still shaking the weekend state of mind, here’s to a great work week. Cheers, friends!


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