Weekend Recap 13


Hello, October!  So we had crazy warm weather, but the mornings certainly felt like fall. Once again, we soaked in a relaxing Madison weekend knowing we have a very busy and exciting month ahead.  Here’s what we were up to:

  1. Camp Trippalindee– Somehow I heard of this place on Instagram. It is one of the coolest bar/restaurants we’ve been to in Madison.  It feels like you are stepping through time into an 80’s movie/ summer camp/ your Grandparent’s basement. With fun menu options, crazy cocktails and board games, this is the place for a low key night out.  We can’t wait to get back…any friends up for a styled shoot here?!
  2. Tribe Archipelago– Quick shout out to our favorite Lightroom presets.  We love Loren X Chris, especially.  You can check out some of our recent edits on this wedding we shot!
  3. Dance Parties-  While we wrapped up some editing on Friday night, we cranked a Spotify playlist from the early 2000’s.  Oh. My. If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen the stories of Dill’s great moves.  Honestly, we have dance parties all the time, but this weekend really was a good one.
  4. Fall Flowers-  Made it to the farmers’ market and am happy to say those bold fall hues are back again!
  5. Pizza Farm-  Disclaimer: we did this on Wednesday, but it was too good not to share. D and I read about pizza farms in a magazine over the summer and knew we wanted to find one.  Essentially, they are farm locations serving up hot pizzas with some farm fresh ingredients.  Cress Spring Bakery serves pies, picnic style, every Wednesday night.  It really feels like you are in their backyard, tucked away in the hills of Wisconsin all while listening to live music and sipping wine from mason jars.  The season continues until October 18th, so sneak a trip out there- it’s worth it!
  6. Olin Park-  Saturday afternoon we just had to get outside and enjoy the fresh air while we had it.  We packed up the cameras and walked around the park here. It is usually pretty quiet and has great views of the capitol.  Perfect little picnic spot.
  7. Movie Nights & Mega Beds-  With October knocking at our door, I couldn’t hold out any longer to watch Hocus Pocus.  So, we grabbed the spare mattress from storage and put it against the couch (hello, mega bed), lit all the fall candles, baked those delicious pumpkin sugar cookies, and poured ourselves a glass of wine. Cheap date night for the win!

It was a low key weekend, but we still packed it with plenty of fun.  Happy October, my friends!


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