The saying “Comparison is the thief of joy” is so painfully true. Countless times, I’ve ended up comparing myself to someone’s success or their best day.  And man, do I feel lame/ pathetic/ loser-ish/ (insert degrading adjective here).

So, why do we do it? 

Why do I feel the need to compare my path to someone else’s?  Is mine not paved with excitement and opportunity meant for me?  Well, the easy answer- sure. Obviously I shouldn’t compare myself.  The hard answer- I can’t even help it.  It happens too quickly, so second- nature, that by the time I realize it, the damage is done.  At what point did we lose our childhood confidence that let’s us play, imagine, and best of all, fail?

Today, we are faced with infinite chances to compare.  Between Facebook, Instagram, and Pinerest…how can you even compete with those highlight reels?  We’re inundated with the rest of the world and met with the challenge of polishing our little piece of the puzzle to enter into the mix.  So, the pressure’s on.

I challenge you, though (like I’ve been challenging myself lately), to turn that pressure cooker off.  Find what really moves your heart and lean into it with all you’ve got.  Seek inspiration by what you love and who you love.  Lift others and celebrate their accomplishments- they’ll be the ones giving you a standing ovation when you achieve your goals.  Be inspired, not put down.  Build a community of likeminded individuals that will push you.

It’s easier said than done.  It takes a conscious effort.  But, jeeze, since when do we deserve to feel anything less than awesome these days?  I’m over it.  Be your own biggest cheerleader.  I will be t-kicking down the sidelines with ya.


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