Weekend Recap 12

IMG_02487I2B9847IMG_9369What a weekend here in Madtown.  Most was spent prepping and shooting a wedding, but we had some time to sneak some other fun in, too. Here’s a look at our weekend:

  1. Wedding Photography- We shot our first wedding together this weekend!  I give major props to wedding photogs everywhere because wow it is exhausting.  The adrenaline of the day though definitely carries you through.  It was so much fun capturing the pictures and being a special part of their best day ever.  Can’t wait to edit the pictures and do a post all about it soon.
  2. Newsies– Once in a while I get on musical kicks, and right now it’s Newsies.  Literally “Seize the Day” on repeat. I think I even got Dill humming along.
  3. Late Night Snacks-  After a get together with work friends on Friday, we treated ourselves to some late night tacos. And once our photos wrapped up, we just had to stop at Ian’s for some post wedding pizza.  I love being close enough to downtown with great eats right at our fingertips.
  4. Chocolate Shakes-  Back home in Illinois we had a go to shake place.  I haven’t quite found one here yet, but I’m quite alright spending some more time sampling some options.  An Oreo shake from Mooyah did the trick on Sunday’s blistering afternoon.  SO GOOD.
  5. Grease–  Dill made the mistake of telling me he hadn’t seen Grease in its entirety.  I promptly put it on for us and sang every song and nearly recited each line.
  6. Summer Feels- Nothing like ninety degree weather to welcome fall, right?  The record breaking heat carried us through the weekend, but I am ready to be done with it.  Bring on autumn in all its glory.
  7. Content Creating- As we settle into our fall routines, I am finding less time, or maybe motivation, for creating content.  I think a big part of it for me lately has been a question regarding my purpose.  I’ve been thinking on how to make what we do here a bit more meaningful and purposeful in ways that will really move my heart. So stay tuned as I go through some growing pains with our content.

Fingers crossed that this weather cools off because I want all the fall feels.  We are nearly to October and my boots and scarves are dying to make an appearance.


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