Weekend Recap 11


We packed up the tent and planned a camping trip with some of our closest friends this weekend!  The weather was beautiful on Saturday, and we enjoyed every minute of it. Here was our outdoor weekend:

  1. Governor Dodge- We stayed here on our last trip and knew we had to go back. There is so much to do and the hills sprawl on and on.
  2. Kayaking- Our friends kindly brought their kayaks and we spent hours on the lake. We are definitely thinking more and more about getting a pair of our own for next summer!
  3. Rainy Mornings-  While Saturday’s weather was beautiful and perfect all day, it brought a early morning storm on Sunday.  We waited out the nastier part of it in the car, but by late morning it had cooled off.  Sure it makes for a less than ideal take-down with muddy tarps and wet ground, but the cool crisp morning was the taste of fall we needed.
  4. Bruce Springsteen- Been jamming to ‘ol Bruce lately.  Sometimes I forget just how much I love it.
  5. Taco Time- Wouldn’t be a complete weekend without tacos!  Los Gemelos and Tex Tubbs filled the void.
  6. Changing Colors-  The colors are just beginning to change.  Little touches of autumn peaking through.  I am ready for it.  With the flurry of back to school craziness wrapped up, I can finally settle in for cool nights, sweaters, and fall famers’ markets.

Here’s to you all as the official last days of summer fade, and we welcome fall with open arms!



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