Weekend Recap 10

7I2B81717I2B81557I2B81737I2B81567I2B8178With anniversaries and birthdays, we are kept pretty busy in September, so we were in Chicago celebrating for a whole host of reasons with my family this weekend! Here’s what we were up to:

  1. Smoker- When we were registering for wedding gifts, this one was at the top of the list.  We love to cook and eat good food with friends and family, so we find any excuse to come back home and use our smoker. (We live in an apartment that just won’t allow it, so both of our families are keeping it safe for us!) We smoked pork, chicken, and ribs for a backyard feast. It was delicious!
  2. Mariano’s-  I’ve discovered a new found love of grocery shopping.  Mariano’s, though, takes it to a whole other level.  I could roam that place for hours snacking on all the hot bars and thinking up recipes.  Honestly, such a treat to stop here when we are back in the burbs!
  3. Pumpkin Spice- Definitely ordered myself a PSL or two this weekend.  The crisp mornings call for it.
  4. The Goal Digger Podcast– Digging this.  Haven’t been on the podcast kick lately, but with my morning commute back in action, I’ve hopped back in for all things creative.
  5. Morning Routines-  As much as I’m a morning person, I stink at sticking to a routine before the school day.  For the past days though, I have been up with a decaf coffee catching up on the news.  That quiet time works wonders for long busy days
  6. Celebrations- My dad, grandma, and myself all celebrate September birthdays, and my parents hit 33 years of marriage this month, too.  So, it’s nice to get everyone together to catch up, and soak in what’s left of the summer sun.
  7. September Days-  The warmth is slipping away from us but not all at once.  Chilly mornings are followed by warm afternoons, and I’m grateful for these days.

Here’s to hoping the work week flies.  We’re prepping for an adventure with some friends in the coming weekend!


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