Weekend Recap 09- Kell’s Quarter Century

7I2B79907I2B7986-27I2B81397I2B81377I2B80107I2B8109Among a number of different things that made this weekend so great, I made another trip around the sun!  Twenty-five, a quarter century.  Here’s our weekend review, birthday style!

  1. Bel Air Cantina–  The heavens opened and graced Madison with my all time, favorite Milwaukee restaurant.  Some of the best tacos around.  And, you cannot beat $2 tacos on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Ya’ll go here now. (We may or may not have gone three times in the past week…)
  2. Porter–  We found another coffee spot!  This place is THE coolest.  It is near an old train station and has outdoor tables alongside old train cars.  The coffee was delish, and the morning vibes here were spot on.
  3. Flower Crowns-  Flowers are a staple in our farmers’ market haul, so I decided to have some fun.  If you can’t make a flower crown on your birthday weekend, then when can you?  Took my little bouquet and turned it into a great little picture prop. I am all about it.  Basic or not, it was darn cute.
  4. Roasted Tomato Soup-  Inspired by the tomatoes at the market, Dill whipped up an amazing soup. Thinking of having him write up a recipe for this one!
  5. Taylor Swift-  Just dropping this here because I love what’s happening with the new Tay.  Can’t wait for the album.
  6. Family-  Dill’s parents and grandparents drove up on Sunday to spend the day together. It made me all the more excited to see my family in a bit! I love living close enough that we get to see family on weekends.  It was a gorgeous day.  We even snuck a boat ride in to bid farewell to the summer.
  7. Taste of Madison–  With Dill’s family in, we all hung out at the taste!  So many tacos were had.  It was so good, and the weather could not have been better.
  8. Birthday Love-  I wanted a quiet weekend for my birthday, but we certainly had fun!  We stayed busy, and enjoyed the long weekend in Madison.  Dillon baked me a cake from scratch, and gifted me my new favorite shoes.  We took pictures and ate great food.  Just how I wanted to spend my birthday!

It was a wonderful weekend.  Filled my heart and soul up for the first week of school.  I felt loved and truly excited to be welcoming my twenty-fifth year.  Twenty-four will be tough to beat, but I know we will make this one just as exciting!



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