Devil’s Lake Lavender


I happy danced my heart out when I found out there was a new lavender field right by us.  We drove up a couple weekends ago and loved it.

Devil’s Lake Lavender opened up July 8th in Baraboo, just outside of Devil’s Lake State Park.  Lavender season typically runs earlier in the summer, but we still loved cutting our own bundle to bring home with us.  They also opened an adorable farm store in all its lavender glory full of things like chapsticks, lotions, and hand washes.

One of the farm shop workers talked a bit about the plans to expand for next spring and the studies around how the lavender will fair in the brutal Wisconsin winters.  And this fall, the owners hope to open a spa and cafe right on the grounds; you bet your bottom dollar we will be checking that out.

We loved our day there.  Tucking this location away for future photo shoots for sure.




One response to “Devil’s Lake Lavender”

  1. I just heard about this recently too and want to go check it out- do you think it’s worth still going in the next week, or would you recommend waiting until next year?

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