Travel Thoughts

Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling.  I just hate the getting there part.  The whole flying thing, meh.  Somewhere in my twenties I developed a fear of it.  But dangit, we can’t drive everywhere. So, I think I wanted to write this to help psych myself up for our upcoming trip.  Here are some travel thoughts:

  1. Outfit planning-  I am a notorious over packer. (I like options!) I’ve been determined to pair down my packing, and it’s been helpful to pair down my wardrobe as a whole.  I’ve gone with more neutral basics that I can re-wear in different ways.
  2. Wear bulky- I try to wear my bulkiest items to the airport- usually involves a jacket. (See, this allows for more options in the suitcase!) *Disclaimer- this makes for a moderately annoying security experience. The chaotic rush once you get through security and you race to put yourself back together becomes slightly more of a hassle when you add a bigger jacket to the mix.
  3. To roll or not to roll-  Mixed feelings about the ‘ol clothing roll trick. I’ve rolled and not rolled many times, I still can pack as much as I need want.  So do what floats your boat.
  4. Umbrella- Always pack it.  Rain not in the forecast? Pack it anyway.  You won’t regret it when it is randomly pouring on the last day of your trip.
  5. Treat yourself- If you’re anything like me, and hate flying, you need to create an “experience”.  I always get some entertainment.  Download that kickin’ playlist and treat yourself to a movie.

In the past year, we have been fortunate enough to travel a fair bit for fun.  The notion of “vacation” isn’t normal to us though.  I still feel like it is a special gift, a once in a while thing.  Maybe one day we will travel a ton, but for now I am graciously accepting these little blessings, if you will. I hope as Dillon and I grow our family one day, we continue to push that home is where the heart is, but travel can really feed your soul.

So here’s to a final trip of summer!  We’re eastbound and down to dance the night away at our dear friends’ wedding.

Happy travels!


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