Weekend Recap 07


My post yesterday summed up much of this weekend’s sentiment.  The beauty of being home. Nevertheless, here is a little recap of our quiet summer weekend:

  1. Los Gemelos- Friday night tacos never tasted so good.  Some of Madison’s best.
  2. New Girl- We are still chugging along.  I love my husband, but the man cannot binge watch.  I suppose it comes naturally to me (HA), so I am teaching him the ways.  We watched so many episodes this weekend, and I am absolutely okay with it. Finally, nearing the end of season 2.
  3. Colectivo– If you don’t mind braving the morning market crowds, this is a great morning spot for some coffee on the square.
  4. Wedding Prep- We have another wedding coming up and are SO excited. Weddings are my favorite.  It’s a bit of a destination wedding for us, so we’re packing up our best threads and dancing shoes for a weekend away.
  5. Dog Sitting- We dog sat for the cutest little squish in the whole world.  He is a French bulldog and is the sweetest thing.  Playing with him all weekend was our highlight.
  6. Madison Sourdough– Fresh baguettes, lavender lemonades, and delicious pastries.  Sunday morning breakfast here is one of our staples.
  7. Kitchen Table- I’m chalking this one up to a wifey win.  Dillon was uncertain about getting a table.  In his defense, we did have plenty of seating and space to eat already.  But we snagged the chairs and the rest is history. Today he said, “I hate how much I love this table.”  We found one the right height at the thrift store.  It’s so dated and we may end up changing it, but for now I am loving it’s old charm.  It came with not one but two leaves.  So, who is up for a dinner party?!

I’m off to enjoy my last full week of summer.  We are cramming it full with a trip to Chicago and then the east coast!  Cheers!


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