At Home

7I2B70997I2B71207I2B7122 “Oh darling, let’s be homebodies.” – Jenna Kutcher.

While I love adventures around our city, there is just something I love about staying at home.  Most Friday nights, you’ll catch us chatting about our week over margs, eating tacos on the back patio, and catching some early z’s.  For a while, I felt bad about that.  Like we weren’t enjoying our 20s enough, or we were wasting great nights.

I’ve heard the saying, “Less house, more home.”  Granted, we live in an apartment.  But I get it. Discovering what makes our home a home is special.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love my throw pillows and decor, but it’s way more than that.

It’s pour over coffee and candles. It’s mass on Sundays and movies on Saturdays.  It’s taking pictures and late night pizzas. It’s reading whole books in a couple hours. It’s watching way too many episodes of New Girl and dancing in our PJs in the kitchen.

There is something to be said about staying in. Now, I revel in our days and nights at our home sweet home.  Sometimes, there is nothing better. One day, we will look back on our quiet evenings when it was just the two of us. So many weekends we spend rushing out the door to some new adventure, I’ll happily jump at the opportunity for quiet nights or sleepy mornings belting Bob Dylan and Broadway jams.


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