DIY Decor


Gosh darn it, I can’t stay away from a good craft.  Summer means extra time on my hands, and I stay busy with as many little home and classroom projects as I can.  Here is my latest little DIY roundup:

  1. Boho hanging triangles- Hot glued 3 little wooden dowels together and finished it off with a piece of yarn to easily hang on the wall.  I think I may spruce these up with some dried eucalyptus, too.
  2. Faux macrame- With another little dowel, I looped strands of yarn across the top and then knotted every few together.  I loved the way this turned out.
  3. Chalkboard globe- Bless the thrift store.  Snagged a globe that was peeling and decided to recycle it.  A coat of chalkboard paint can go a long way.  I am tossing around a few quote ideas to write across it and then bring it to its new home in my class this year.

There will likely be more projects to come as I tearfully say farewell to the summer in a couple weeks.  Goodness, summer has flown!


2 responses to “DIY Decor”

  1. This looks amazing! Could you maybe do a tutorial on how to make it? That would be awesome!

    1. I will totally have to! It was super easy, too! 🙂

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