Weekend Recap 06


After about seven days of big city living, I was so ready to spend time outside in the fresh air and green hills of Wisco. You bet we’re milking every last minute of our summer! Here was our weekend at a glance:

  1. Devil’s Lake- We headed to Devil’s Lake State Park early Saturday morning. I needed open space real bad, but oh my goodness was it packed as heck.  Parking in the main area was completely full so we ventured to the south shore for some relaxing and picture taking.
  2. Devil’s Lake Lavender– (full post coming soon!) SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS PLACE.  It has only been opened about a month and it has some exciting plans in the works. But on Saturday afternoon we clipped our own lavender and dreamt up ideas for next spring when more is in full bloom.
  3. Home Decor- I’m funny when it comes to making a home.  I have a very defined sense of style, yet I always want to update and rearrange. A blessing and a curse- ask Dill.  My most recent ambition: a dining table.  We have a large island with four stools for eating, but I want a table and chairs to set and enjoy meals at together. We found a great deal for chairs and are slowly putting it all together.
  4. Sunflower Days- (full post coming soon!) My heart was singing when we made it to the sunflowers at six in the morning Sunday.  Last year, we missed them by a few days. I was determined not to let that happen again.  So there we were at sunrise to catch some great shots at the Pope Farm Conservancy.  Go see ’em this week!
  5. Rooftops- One of my favorite parts about our current apartment is the outdoor space.  We have a large community patio off our backdoor, and the most incredible rooftop fully equipped with chaise lounges, tables, chairs, and even vegetable gardens.  We watched the sunset over Madison Friday night from the roof and it was beautiful.
  6. Barriques- It wouldn’t be a weekend in Madison if we didn’t spend a couple hours at a coffee shop editing pictures and planning adventures.  Thanks Barriques for fueling our Sunday.
  7. New Glarus– Can’t beat a locally brewed Spotted Cow.  We had never been to the New Glarus brewery, but so glad we did.  Spent the afternoon touring the grounds and relaxing outside.  Definitely heading back here!

Happy Monday, friends! Here’s to a great week.


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