Weekend Recap 05


Yay for Madison weekends!  They are my favorite.  This weekend, like many, we spent our days eating our way around town.  Yum!

  1. Crepes-  Our Saturday morning staple: Bradbury’s.  Coolest little location off the square with the most delicious crepes.  Get there now.
  2. Farmers’ Market-  Once again on the list.  It was a beautiful day, packed with market-goers.  I excitedly snagged my first bunch of sunflowers for the season.
  3. Johnson Public House–  (pictured above) One coffee shop this weekend simply wasn’t enough.  We headed over here for some afternoon java and travel planning –> great combo right there.
  4. Lavender-  My new obsession.  I can feel myself slowly hopping on the essential oil train.  First stop: lavender. I had a lavender lemonade; it’s a perfect summer bevie. Now to find the nearest lavender field…
  5. Crossfit Games-  The fittest on earth in our own backyard.  Madison pulled out all the stops for this one: themed menus at restaurants for the games, great deals, and some buildings even got facelifts with Crossfit decor. We don’t do Crossfit and didn’t go to the games, but it was still fun being a part of it all.
  6. Canteen– Big surprise here (not!). We may have a taco problem.  They have an interesting take on some Mexican dishes and the atmosphere is colorful and eclectic as can be.  Plus, you are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Capitol and State Street.
  7. Tornado Steakhouse– WE FINALLY DID IT.  Since we’ve been living in Madison we have made numerous attempts to get their late night, $9.00, delicious steak sammies.  After years of waiting, success.  (Okay we only tried 3 times, but still).  Let me tell you, worth the wait.   But be advised, they start serving at 10pm and run out quick!

So many good eats. That is my kind of weekend!

Happy Monday!


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