Weekend Recap 04

7I2B70437I2B70487I2B7058Dillon snapped some of these pictures while I was organizing my monthly plans for August and September (Where the heck did July go?!).  We just had our last weekend of the month, and I am getting excited for what is to come.  Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to!

  1. Devil’s Lake State Park–  Dillon and I went on an ultimate adventure (full post to come!).  We were asked to help out at a photography workshop last minute.  They needed a real couple to pose for a live shoot at none other than Devil’s Lake.  We were stoked since we hadn’t been back since we were engaged!  It was a blast, and we met some rad people.
  2. Kyle & Kristen-  These are the photographers who put on the workshop.  Their work is amazing and we had to share: Kyle’s Instagram and Kristen’s Instagram.
  3. Ikea– My version of paradise might look a little like Ikea.  Stellar deals and the cutest little room setups.  You bet we got way too many things we don’t actually need.  YOLO, right?
  4. Katie Dahl–  Incredible music.  Perfect for summer road trips through Wisconsin.  Check her out. To sweet Hannah, thanks for getting me hooked!
  5. Vision Boards-  Pinterest, of course.  I have a million boards all for different occasions.  Lately my favs are my dream kitchens and classroom mood boards.
  6. Art of Nothing-  This weekend was a whole lot of this.  I get a little pang of guilt when I spend a day doing lots of nothing…but then, I’m reminded how important real rest is. Quiet, calm, rest.  We don’t do it too often, so lounging around till about 3pm once in a while is a nice treat!  I posted about this after our mini-moon, and we are still trying to perfect the art of nothing 🙂

Here is to August approaching and living these last weeks of summer the best ways we know how: patio lounging and campfire chatting.  Cash us outside.



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