Weekend Recap 03


We were so excited to have stayed put for a bit in Madison this past week into our weekend.  We definitely took it slow and relaxed a ton.  It was needed.  It’s such a comfort to be able to relax in our little home and enjoy our weekend together.  Here is our recap 🙂

  1. Short Stack Eatery– After mass, we walked over here to grab some breakfast.  We were lucky and barely waited to order our food, but honestly we would have stuck it out.  They have the best chocolate chip pancakes ever.
  2. Simmer Pots- We had some extra limes and eucalyptus so I put those together with about two cups of water and a splash of lemon juice.  I let that simmer on the stove in the morning while I got ready and it made the entire apartment smell so fresh all day. Pinterest has tons of simmer pot recipes. (They also make great hostess gifts!)
  3. H&M- I am such a sucker for their marked down clothing.  I always end up snagging a few pieces.  I grabbed some shirts for the school year, already feeling those back to school flutters!
  4. Thrifting- Amidst my unit planning for the school year, I’ve also been planning for my classroom.  I took a trip to Goodwill to see what I could find for my room, and I am so excited to have some new flexible seating options.
  5. Boat Days- We spent much of the day Saturday on Dillon’s sister-in-law’s family’s boat.  Being by the lakes here in Madison, it is always a treat to be out on the water with friends and family.
  6. DIY Projects- Tackled a couple of new DIY apartment projects recently.  I made a super easy little faux macrame and we’ve been working on cement planters for our succulents (full post coming soon!)
  7. Union Terrace– Most of our Madison weekends end up here at some point.  Does it get better than watching the sunset with friends, and drinks, and live music outside?

Here’s to a great week as we get ready to close out July. Where is the world is the time going?!


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