Governor Dodge Camping Trip

DJI_0101This view!  I think this is one of my favorite WI state parks so far.  It is huge, and there is so much to do.7I2B69397I2B6962We went to House on the Rock (couldn’t get any pictures inside since it was SO dark) but we did go to its infinity room full of windows. We then drove to a scenic overlook a few miles north to grab a cool picture of it from far away.  Fail. Super overgrown, we could barely see it. But still snapped a picture of our efforts.7I2B6923DJI_00977I2B6797Same meal, different trip.  Chicken fajitas are our fav. Thank, Chef D.  We hiked and explored the lake at the park for most of our day on Saturday.  It was just too beautiful.DJI_01067I2B69497I2B68897I2B6869I was truly in awe of the star pictures we got.  It freaked me out that the camera could pick up SO many more stars, even when we were seeing what we thought was a lot!  Sure makes you feel little in this big ol’ universe.

Loved snapping pictures of this little trip.  There is something to be said about being outside, no service, running out of battery on your phone, and enjoying the quiet.  How rare it is sometimes.


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