Weekend Recap 02

7I2B64397I2B6470Happy Monday, friends.  We had a crazy busy week into the weekend this time around. Most of the week we were in the city and then back home for a quick camping trip.  It was a great weekend, and here’s what we loved:

  1. Tacos- I mean this could easily make the list every week, but we hit up some new locations in Chicago and I just had to share. Velvet Taco and Fat Baby Tacos.  Both are super cool places and their tacos are delicious.
  2. Netflix Lately- Yes, we are still cruising along with New Girl and loving it.  I also started Stranger Things.  Why in the world did it take me so long to watch this?!  I LOVE it.  So excited for Season 2 in October.
  3. Texting Game-  I watched some random youtube video where the people had to try to write long text messages blindfolded.  (I think it was for a challenge or something) But, we played it while in the hammock on the camping trip and could not stop giggling.
  4. Camping Trip- (Blog post coming soon!) We headed to Governor Dodge State Park for a 2 day trip.  There was SO much to do.  Lake swimming, great hikes, and beautiful rolling hills.  We will be back.
  5. Madison Night Market- the last night market kicked off our weekend on Thursday night.  Vendors and live music galore.  Dare I say, it may have been too crowded.  It went from 6-11 and we went right around 6.  I suspect the time to go is later at night.  But, we got more tacos (surprise, surprise) and some pecan pie- yum.
  6. Indoor Plants-  I am slowly starting to gather up more succulents for our indoor collection.  We also snagged an aloe plant! (Which we all know I’ll need).
  7. Workout-  I am admittedly putting this on the list in the hopes that it will inspire me to actually continue exercising.  My motivation stinks.  But, Dillon and I went down to our gym and actually had a good workout, so I am going to just try to ride that into the week.
  8. House on the Rock– This was, well, interesting.  It is a retreat/fort/house built into Deer Shelter Rock in the hills of Wisconsin.  It’s builder, Alex Jordan, had a vision to build an awe-inspiring place.  Now, it is an attraction. We only went to section 1, but sections 2 and 3 take you on a tour of the impressive collection of oddities (music machines, art, doll carousels, tributes to nostalgic items, and so much more). Our section took us on a tour of the actual house that was built.  It was bizarre. The dark small rooms and low ceilings and secret rooms made it feel like a fort.  To be completely honest, it gave me the creeps.  I was happy to get out to the fresh air and light. The infinity room was also super cool, though.
  9. The Magnolia Story–  I only read a few pages of my Mom’s copy, but oh I need it.  You bet that it will be my next library request.  Come on, Chip and Jo are the best.

We had a great weekend.  Busy, but great!  Ready to slow it down and get back into the swing of things this week. 🙂


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