Weekend Recap 01

7I2B63537I2B63687I2B6363Most weekends we are on the go shuffling between our plans.  We decided to lay low and enjoy the warm weather at home this weekend before we head to Chicago. Here are some things we’ve been loving!

  1. Lucille – might be one of my favorite  restaurants in Madison. We took my friend here on Friday, and it didn’t disappoint.
  2. Art Fair on the Square- We went with the intention of buying a mug from Eshelman Pottery, but they weren’t at the art fair this year 😦 But, we did enjoy just walking around and browsing.  I love this art fair for all of the different mediums that are featured.  We did see one of my favorite artists, Clare Molloy.  I love her work.
  3. New Girl- I am determined to get Dill hooked on this as much as I was when I first started. So far, so good.
  4. La Kitchenette- itsy bitsy cafe in Madison’s east side.  French cuisine and the cutest decor you ever did see.  We had brunch with friends here, and I just adored it.  Take us back to Paris 😦
  5. Hillbilly Elegy–  What I am currently reading.  An interesting take on what people describe as a “culture in crisis”.  This memoir describes the lives of J.D. Vance’s family life in Kentucky’s Appalachia region to Ohio.
  6. Acoustic Covers- That’s been our Spotify go to playlist this weekend.  The neighbors probably don’t dig it as much since I sing along to most of it.
  7. Mini Golf-  I hadn’t been in what must have been years.  I lost, no surprise there, but it was so much fun!

Here’s to a great week, my friends!


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