Six Months Married


It’s been about six months since our greatest day. Six months since our vows to love each other till death do us part. Six months since we danced with our closest friends and family.  And six months since we embarked on the most fulfilling adventure of our lives.

So, how’s it been?

In a nutshell- pure bliss. (No, honest!) Our lives haven’t been blessed with perfection and the days weren’t always easy.  But, when you are “doing life” with your soulmate, yeah, pure bliss.  We’ve lived a lot life together in these six months.  So as I sit here, I’m reflecting on why its been so great.  Just why has it felt so wonderful, even through the crappy parts?

Communication. Honesty. Trust. Laughter. And never going to bed angry- just to name a few.  Dillon and I are no marriage experts, but I think we are doing some things right. We’ve grown to communicate better and more regularly (thanks, Navigator’s Council).  We are honest about our concerns.  We trust so deeply that we’re almost fearless to dream so big it hurts.  We let go and laugh about the small stuff (<– sometimes it takes me longer than I’d like to admit).  And every night, no matter what, we go to bed saying I love you.  And what’s more- we really, really mean it.  We don’t let a fight linger on to the next day.  We squash it, move on, and usually go out for tacos.

We’ve got years ahead of us in this marriage.  But, I think 6 months marks a big milestone.  We are still close enough to that magical day, yet we are making the turn toward our one year.  I don’t want to forget this feeling- maybe it’s the “honeymoon” phase that’s still hanging around.  If it is, I want to soak in every last ounce of it and keep it forever, because I’ve never been happier.

Cheers to the next six months, D.


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