Fourth of July

7I2B63027I2B6281Trying my hand at the bandana look…still deciding.  The overalls, though, big fan.  I love em.  As for Dill’s taco hat….MY NEW FAV.7I2B63097I2B6318My very own Bobby Flay.  Rockin’ jorts and grilling on our itty bitty patio grill. (For reals, Dillon is an incredible cook, but I can do those dishes like a boss.)7I2B62347I2B63277I2B6241

I laughed while setting the table, er counter, that it was so simple cooking for two.  All of our perfectly portioned sides fit neatly on one oven rack.  I love making a home, and having evening dinners.  This season of life together is really special.

A quiet fourth in Madison to relax together was just what we needed after a little trip to Michigan.  We ate almost an entire Halo Top ice cream, watched fireworks, and unwound in our little home.

Cheers to the summer and to a great 4th!


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