Wren’s Farewell

I’ve known that my sister Catherine was moving to Arizona for a while now.  (Cara and I planned a tour of Orland and took Cath to some iconic places, pictured above! )At first, I thought sure I would miss her, but she was off to do her own thing. After all, I had done just the same about a year and a half ago.  But, at some point, it hit me that my baby sister was about to be hundreds and hundreds of miles away from me.  And it hit me hard.

I suddenly felt a rush of fear and sadness that she wasn’t going to be a short car ride away.  That we wouldn’t be able to sit at the piano and sing songs for hours.  That I wouldn’t have someone to help me with my eye makeup.  That there wouldn’t be the nurse on hand to check me out when I was overreacting.  Or, that there wouldn’t be that resounding sensitivity, kindness, and abundant care for others in our family home as much anymore.  Needless to say, life isn’t going to be the same with Cath Wren Dill so far away.

Sitting and pouting and grieving her move is an option.  But the better choice? Celebrating her “trail blazing”, as my dad would put it.  She is about to embark on a great adventure.  It will push her to grow, teach her more about herself than she wants to know, but gift her experiences that make life worth living.  I can only hope she enjoys her adventure as much as I have.

So cheers to you, Wren/ CWD/ Cath/ Cathern/ Nancy McCfly, to your next journey with your other half.  We love you both more than you know.  (Follow them along on their exciting life in the southwest here!)

Prepare for frequent visits.  And, don’t worry- I’ll bring Widen’s cheese fries and Cupid’s chocolate shakes with me someway, somehow.



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