On a trip back to Madison, Dillon and I drove right into a pretty nasty storm.  We were safe, fortunately.  But as the sky grew darker and the thunder rolled, it made me feel such anticipation.

Ever since I was little, my Dad and my sisters and I would watch weather reports on TV in the summer time.  If a big storm was expected, we’d hurriedly get the flashlights and our grandpa Pop’s old transistor radio.  We were oddly excited.  We’d watch the tree branches bend and the black skies cloud over as giant raindrops splattered on the driveway. We would sit for as long as we could in the garage watching the storm- or until Mom told us to come inside.

We anticipated those storms with both excitement and nervousness. Don’t get me wrong, Midwest storms are nothing to joke about.  We’ve counted ourselves lucky numerous times. However, I grew up learning that the unknown can be scary.  It could potentially hurt us.  But, my goodness it can be damn beautiful, too.

While we drove into that dark sky of a storm a week ago, I was reminded of that anticipation.  That desire for something you know might be tough or scary, but you couldn’t resist.

Drive fearlessly into whatever storm you’re facing these days. Here’s to anticipation and hope for the unknown.


One response to “Anticipation”

  1. AMEN to driving fearlessly! Or as Taylor taught us, be fearful, but jump anyway 😉

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