Greenhouse Fun

7I2B50347I2B51037I2B50917I2B50897I2B50797I2B50437I2B5031We had been wishing and hoping to find a greenhouse near us for a while now.  Soft natural light and a colorful backdrop- dreamy combo right there.  We decided last Saturday to try one out. I saw it as we were driving by one day and had it tucked away in my back pocket for the perfect weekend.  So we bought plenty of succulents (only things I can successfully keep alive) and took some photos inside.

Got me thinking that it would be a great location for other shoots, too.  I would love to take some photos of/for other people. Maybe that will be another goal for me this summer. So, if you’re reading this and are in need of some photos in the Madison or Chicago area- hit me up.  Would love to collaborate.  Maybe family shots, blog photos, or whatever else we can dream up.

Until then, you can catch us here at this greenhouse because it’s so darn beautiful.



2 responses to “Greenhouse Fun”

  1. Hi there! I would like to invite you to the blog party happening now!

    Hope to see you there 🙂

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