Rain Walks

7I2B4517-Pano7I2B45737I2B45587I2B45477I2B45467I2B45207I2B45077I2B4476May in Wisconsin means potential for colder days.  We embraced the chill and ventured out into the cloudiness recently.  We spent some time at Picnic Point and had the place almost to ourselves- only a handful of people out on a day like that.  The rain let up a bit, but the fog lingered across the lake.

We were so excited taking our new baby of a car out, and got the itch to camp real bad (post coming soon). Dying to drive up north and just spend our time outside.  There is something so comforting about the idea of camping. Maybe it’s escape?  Or a return to some lifestyle we don’t constantly have but still love?  Whatever it is, I’ve missed it.

Glad we went out and made a day of some not-always-ideal weather. Dillon always has the head and heart to get up and make the most of any situation.  He’ll be darned if we let a little rain dampen our Saturdays.  Grateful for that spirit of his.


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