Sunset Shots


D and I were downtown for Madison’s first annual night market. Taco trucks, boutique vendors, and live music all night long. We were so down. (But really, you had us at tacos)

Usually I’m up on the Madtown happenings, but I actually had no idea about this one.  Thank goodness for Madison instagrammers that filled me in just a day before the event.  We’ve got the Saturday morning markets down, but I was so excited for some more evening activities.  We drove in and walked around the capital snapping pictures as the sun set.  Hello, romantic?  We’re cheap dates.  Give us some great lighting and a couple of drinks- we’re good to go.

Ya’ll see these nice pictures, but behind the scenes is my sweet husband and his patience.  Teaching me photography behind the lens and helping me be a little less awkward in front of it. There is something to be said about teaching & learning with your spouse. Learning to love what the other person loves.

I’m excited for this summer to spend more time with my babe and to play around with the camera.

So get ready for plenty more sunset shots.


2 responses to “Sunset Shots”

  1. Love the lighting in these shots 😍 so beautiful

    1. Nothing better than the sunset light!! 🙂

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