DIY Embroidered Jeans

I remember my mom making me wear embroidered jeans way back when- but I’ll tell you that I am really digging them now.  I will 100% hop on the trend trains if I love them.  Overalls? I tried. The cold shoulder sleeve? I just can’t pull it off. But, embroidery? Count me in.

I snagged a pair of high waisted jeans on sale at H&M, wore them a handful of times, and then decided they were a perfect pair for a DIY.  I saw so many styles on Pinterest, but many had a hefty price tag.  Trusty Amazon to the rescue.

There were  a bunch of iron on and sew on patch options, so I just looked for under 10 bucks and colors I liked.  This red/rose version with some greens was colorful without any crazy neon hues.  So once they came in the mail, I stuck these babies on.  Now I can’t stop wearing them. Would love to see some other versions or hear some other ideas of things I can embroider. (Maybe a baseball cap, since those are my other favorites lately!)



2 responses to “DIY Embroidered Jeans”

  1. Loooove your attitude about trends, I’m exactly the same way! Also love that you DIY-ed your own embroidered jeans that’s such a good way to liven up an older pair of jeans, I might just have to do that myself 🤗🙊

    1. These jeans were seriously so easy! 🙂

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