Travel Planning


We bought our Europe tickets almost 7 months before our trip.  That was really our only solid, well-thought-out planning done for this adventure.  The rest was crammed in a couple hours, just 2 weeks before the trip 🙂

Honestly though, once the plane tickets are purchased the rest just falls into place.  We decided our must-see’s for each city, checked train times, and finally researched Airbnb’s. We decided to keep it just Amsterdam and Paris, and were so happy we made that choice.  We actually had time to enjoy each city, without scrambling for planes and trains every day.  Each day had a ‘rough’ itinerary.  Like, “Today we are hitting the Louvre and Notre Dame…the rest we will play by ear.” We adventured, but also had the luxury of relaxing if we fell in love with a coffee shop, which we often did.

Next time around, I’ll do the leg work for some kind of phone service abroad and take care of my passport sooner than 2.5 weeks before I leave. (This was at the bottom, I mean BOTTOM, of my winter to-do list.  That post-wedding slump…) We made it work without cell service, but would have loved it as a backup.  The adventure without it though, was an added bonus 🙂

Dillon totally mellows my planning craziness out.  He is calm and collected and sure that everything will work out great.  He’s always right.

Already planning our next big trip 🙂


2 responses to “Travel Planning”

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim Avatar
    The Smiling Pilgrim

    I want to go back to europe so bad!

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