Airbnb Abroad

We loved our Airbnb in Amsterdam.  This place was so cool. Our host had such great style. We stayed just out of the city center in a super rad area.  Being mere minutes from all of the sites, while avoiding the touristy crowds was perfect for us. The comforts of home were just outside our door- coffee shops and a grocery store.

Our Paris apartment, was so gorgeous.  It was strictly used as a short term rental, so it really almost felt like a hotel.  We walked everywhere, and loved our location in France- again not so touristy.  And SO Parisian with those windows!

I will be totally honest in saying that I was leery in staying in an Airbnb abroad.  (Major worrier here) We realized, without any kind of cell service, how hard it was to get in touch with our hosts. We relied on Wifi and were fortunate to find coffee shops where we could message our host and kill a couple hours. Before we knew it, we were settled and out the door- already referring to the apartments as home.

We experienced Europe in a way we wouldn’t have been able to had we stayed at a hotel. For any worriers out there, it all worked out  Airbnb it all the way.  If you want references on where we stayed, let us know!


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